4 Questions to Ask an Experienced Implant Dentist

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Looking for an implant dentist? Implant dentists help patients with one or more missing teeth. An experienced implant dentist ensures the implant process is safe and effective for all patients, communicating with the patient about what to expect each step of the way. Discussing treatment with the dentist during a consultation can help you feel more confident during the process.

4 Things to know about dental implants

Every patient has their own concerns and should address them directly with their implant dentist. However, there are certain questions that are more common that patients should ask an experienced implant dentist before beginning treatment, which we discuss in depth below.

1. What are dental implants?

A good first place to start when considering tooth replacement options is learning more about what dental implants are. Dental implants are titanium posts that are placed into the jawbone in the area of the missing tooth. They serve as the root or the support for a dental crown, bridge, or denture, depending on the number of teeth that are being replaced. The process is slightly more extensive than traditional dentures and other fixed bridges, but the results are long-lasting and often feel more natural to patients.

2. What steps will the treatment process involve?

Understanding the process of dental implants can help calm any anxieties the patient has. The process may look slightly different for every dental implant placement, but there are certain steps that are to be expected.

The first step is to prepare the patient for a successful implant placement, which may include bone grafting and treatment for gum disease. The next step is implant placement. This is either performed by the implant dentist or an oral surgeon. Afterward, the mouth will need to heal and the implant will need to fuse together with the jawbone. Once the mouth heals, the abutment and artificial tooth are attached to complete the process.

3. Who will perform the implant placement?

It is important to understand who performs the dental implant placement procedure before starting treatment. Dental implant placement is performed by either the implant dentist or an oral surgeon. Many implant dentists are skilled and experienced in performing the procedure, whereas others may send the patient to another office. For patients who prefer having all of the procedures performed in the implant dentist’s office, ensuring they offer the procedure in their office may be important.

4. What can I do to make the process easier?

Dentists should provide instructions on how to make the process of recovering after implant placement easier. Implant dentists can give advice on how to practice good oral hygiene, make dietary changes, and more to help the process go smoothly. Following the dentist’s instructions may shorten the treatment time and help patients feel comfortable throughout treatment.

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